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The God of Conquest is a 17 year old student who has given up on the "real world". He has given his blood, sweat, and tears to the conquest of dating sims. There isn't a game or a virtual woman he is not able to conquer.

On one faithful day his knowledge is put into practice in the real world, in hopes to extract rogue souls that have entered girls/women hearts. He and Elsie work together (against their will) to capture 6000+ lost souls, in hopes to regain his freedom.

Instead of writing about the story which you can find on wiki or any anime site, I'll write about Katsuragi. Buying any and every game (dating sim) out there even multiple copies worth, after all "You can't have too many copies of a good game.". I personally agree with Katsuragi, I own 16 different HM games in total 19 due to doubles, these numbers don't include RF games if included it would increase my HM games from 19 to 22. I understand him and his love for virtual women, and the fact he wants to conquer all the maddens hearts.

Juggling multiple systems at once, is a great feat for any man or woman, the God of Conquest is the grand master of multiplaying.Personally the most I've been able to play at once was/is 3 games pc, ps3, and ds at once. Although for the dating sims genre I can only play one at a time, unlike Katsuragi. He makes me proud to be who I am.

The whole reason to watch this anime is to see the God of Conquest in his struggles to woo every woman, it shows that every woman can be conquered. Everyone's opinions will be different and none of us think the same. That is why I don't expect everyone to think so highly of Katsuragi, and I won't argue if you tell me his ego's huge.

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, or The World God Only Knows (TWGOK), was an above average anime. I was going to write a review after watching season 2. Although after doing so, I rejected the idea because the story derailed near the end. Because of the changes in the anime, I started to find watching the World God Only Knows was somewhat tedious. So instead of reviewing the anime, I decided to write about the protagonist Katsuragi. This decision was made because I did not want to discourage people from watching this anime, because it is note worthy.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Reviews: "I was dumbfounded by how much I loved the ending of Shiki."
Retail price: 90.00$
Watched on:
DVD release date: 2010
Aired: July 8 2010
Program Run Time: 600
Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Suspense, Psychological, Vampire, 
Language watched in: English

This story starts off in Sotoba village, where the people are old fashion, and cut off from the outside world. With a population of 1 300, this village is run by the two heads of the town the town junior monk Seishin and the village doctor Toshio. After the Kirishiki's western style mansion was built on the outskirts of the village, the villagers started dying left and right. Was this a start of an epidemic brought to Sotoba by the Kirishiki's or was it something more?

There are quiet a number of characters who's stories are told in this anime, we see the struggle, the joys, the tragedies that different characters and group of characters go through.

Megumi; the odd out of place girl who dreams to one day move to the city, and live a "normal life". She has an unhealthy obsession with Natsuno.

Natsuno; the reserved and quiet cold high school student from the city, who moved to Sotoba with his parents. His hopes are to one day move back to the city and escape the small village life. Even though he wasn't looking for a friend one found him, Tohru.

Tohru; an all around good guy who could have his pick of the crop, but decided to befriend Natsuno. 

Seishin; the town junior monk and childhood friend to Toshio and Mikiyasu. He believed that you could always choose your own path in life, that nothing was predetermined. Eventually he became a monk, even though he truly wished otherwise.

Toshio; the current town doctor of Sotoba, running the clinic which was passed down from generation to generation. In charge of all the lives in the village, the only thing that could possibly disgrace his family's name would be villagers deaths. He takes it as his personal duty to make sure that the villagers are safe.

I've got to admit that there are many more characters in the anime. I'd love to write about the main Shiki characters, but I'm afraid that I might spoil some of the story.

This is honestly one of the best anime's I've seen in quiet some time. It has all items to make it an unforgettable anime, characters you can relate to (I'm not saying all but you'll find one), suspense, conflict, great animation, and human nature. I honestly cried near the end, feeling both sympathy and loss for both the humans and the shiki. This is a great example of human nature at its worse. I rate this anime 5 stockings out of 5.

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801 T.T.S.

Retail Price: 19.12$
Watched on: Justdubs
First Aired: May 1994
DVD release date: June 11th 2002
Program run time: 175 minutes
Genre: Air Force, Harem, Comedy, romance, aviation military, action,
Language watched in: English

If you are looking for an anime with consistency, well sir and or madame I've got good news there are more anime than just 801 T.T.S. Airbats, because this anime is a 7 episodes of jumble. 801 T.T.S. Airbats is an anime about a group of air force workers in the Japanese air defense force.  With your cast of pilots, mechanics, and higher ranks going on odd missions (which I'd prefer to call trips), they make sure to give you a few laughs.


Left to Right
Yoko, Miyuki, Takuya, Kouji, Mitsuru, and Arisa
Yoko: I have to admit because I've watched this series in English, I don't have many things to say besides, she was annoying.

Miyuki: An aspiring young female lead, hoping to become an official pilot. She has her eyes on our poor little Takuya, and is willing to make sure he's her's not matter what. Miyuki is head strong, and if anything does not go her way she plays the "Poor Miyuki Card". 

Takuya: A young flight mechanic and also our main character, he's into anime figurines, airplanes, and what any other pubescent boy is into girls! Takuya is a classic perverted character that is thrown into a love triangle between Miyuki and Arisa.

Arisa: Our second female lead (and my favourite), this bad-ass chick has a loud mouth, and isn't afraid to take a challenge. Arisa has better technique in the cockpit than Miyuki, but her wooing technique leave something to be desired.  

I'll cut it short for characters.

I like the fact Yoko's watching Airbats in the background.

Quick thought

All considering the age of this program (1994) it has extraordinary animation value, and it is quite entertaining. Although I'd like to point out it is a forgettable anime, it's not good enough for you to re-watch it or to reminisce about it later on. But it's also not bad enough to hate, for you to warn others not to watch it or remember in later years "Man Airbats sucked.". What I mean is it's average that's why I'll give it an average rating 2.5 stockings. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

3 reviews in one

I know I'm doing this somewhat rush, and plots, characters and more won't be thoroughly analyzed (not that they ever are), so I do apologize.


I have to admit I was first hesitant to watch this anime, not because of the genre, but because of the cover. 009-1 has a somewhat plain cover that has a character that reminds me of Robotech. Because of these factors I was ignorant to the fact that it was actually made in 2006, I just assumed it was an old anime someone posted.

A story about a hot secret agent cyborg, her missions, her past, and the decisions she's forced to make and live with. Mylene becomes one of the very few main characters that I like. You can sympathize with her, without her whining for you to.

Now that I've actually watched 009-1, I regret those thoughts, it's a worth wild anime. Chalk full of action, romance, like-able characters, and an actual story line! Some people might think I'm exaggerating and say all anime's have story lines... no no they don't. Mylene and Sam's episode 9.5, honestly moved me (not to tears), just watch it and  you'll see what I mean. I gave this anime 3.5 stockings, but I gave episode 9.5 a grand total of 4.5 stockings. I should even out to 4 stockings.

3x3 Eyes

A short-ish anime containing 7 episodes in total, the reason that I am saying short-ish is due to the fact of the length of the episodes. The first 4 episodes are approximately 30 minutes in length, while the last 3 are 50 minutes each. 3x3 eyes was actually made in 1991, and the second part (3 last eps) in 1994. But don't let that scare you off it's an amazing anime.

This entire anime revolves around Yakumo (was human/now Wu) and Pai (a let's just say demon with a split personality).Yakumo and Pai are searching for a way to become human, and trying to get rid of the immortal lives they were cursed with. I won't say much more than what I've already stated because I'm afraid I might give something away. But I will say that this is one of the few anime's I can say with confidence has made me cry. The story is weaved so skillfully that it's beautiful. I gave the first part 3 stocking our of 5, but the second part I just couldn't ignore I gave it a perfect score 5 stockings. I'll give the anime in entirety 5 stockings.

5 Centimeters per Second
So I know that people will probably bitch at me for "hating" on this movie. This movie was slow paced, and I don't mean five episodes of Goku making the spirit bomb slow... worse. When I first read the synopsis of 5 Centimeters per Second, I found it similar to La Lumiere Blanche a french four novel story I read while I was young. They are nothing alike (but that's not why I don't like this anime). The only character that evolves is the female lead in the first part.

This is just another story of another person's boring life, and all their regrets. I gave it 1.5 stockings, and I'm being generous.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Azumanga Daioh

Retail Price: 50.00$
My Purchase: 19.99$
DVD release date: Oct 14 2008
Program run time: 650 minutes
Genres: Comedy, High School, Slice of Life
Language watched in: English

Azumanga Daioh follows the story of a numerous group of girls and teachers, throughout their three years of high school. Originally I was going to review this show and write about it, but in the end it's just what the first sentence says. Instead I will write about my favourite characters, from Azumanga Daioh.


Osaka aka Ayumu Kasuga
I am in love with this girl! At the beginning of this anime I thought of her more of a nuisance, but she ends up being a big comic relief. The transfer student from Osaka, tends to stop everything she's doing, if in thought. A few quotes I love from her are 

"There will be lots of cute cats and dogs in the Cafe... and they're all dead." 2nd year culture fest. 

"[Osaka is telling a horror story]
Osaka: Sometime last night...
[Yomi, Tomo, and Chiyo each give a quavering, worried sound]
Osaka: I was all alone in my room... when suddenly, outta nowhere...
[Tomo gulps nervously]
Osaka: The smell of a fart that wasn't mine wafted into my nose
[The other girls stand in dumbfounded shock for a moment]
Tomo: [trembling voice] Spooky!
Osaka: Isn't it?
Yomi: [dryly] Really."

The Amazonian beauty Sakaki, is renown for her athletic abilities and cool look. She would trade it all to become cute and become beloved by all cute creatures. The reason I like her so much is because everyone assumes her to be something she's not and because of her shy nature, she makes an enemy, and becomes someone's dream prince charming?

Perverted-How-Did-He-Get-That-Job Teacher is a lecher. All he cares about are high school girl, and them in their swimwear. He openly admits his reasons for become a high school teachers, and declares his love towards Kaorin (his student) even though he has a wife and a daughter. I love this character he makes me laugh all the time in this picture he sings "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Kimuriiiin... Happy birthday tooo meeeeee"

Miss Yukari, the classroom teacher of the main cast of characters. She's a single young woman, looking for a good time, any time is a good time to get her drink on! She not afraid to discipline her students, and she'll insist on driving her Yukari-mobile. If you can survive her driving she's all yours. She's quite the load of a woman, that's why I love her so much. Another reason why I love her is because she makes me think if Tenma were to become a teacher ... she'd become Yukari.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yumeria review


"This is one party you don't want to miss"

Retail price: 40.00$
My purchase: 9.99$
DVD Realise date: January 7th 2009
Program run time: 300 minutes
Genres: Harem, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance
Language watched in: English

Yumeria's story starts off with self proclaimed "average normal high school male, with lower than average grades" Tomokazu Mikuri is living with his eldest cousin Nanase. On his 16th birthday Tomokazu has a dream of a purple haired girl in provocative purple spandex  clothing, fighting a monster. He wakes up to find the girl asleep next to him in bed. Through some events Tomokazu forms a team of girls to fight in the dream world "Moera" against the monsters "Faydooms" who are trying to cross over into the "real world" to take over.

In Moera
From left to right:
Mone, a mysterious girl who can only say her own name (like chii).
Nanase aka Silk, Tomokazu's eldest cousin that he resides with, she's acts motherly but on some occasions tries to seduce her cousin.
Kuyou, Tomokazu's little cousin, who has a big brother complex.
Tomokazu, the main character of this story, who can "charge" the females in Moera with physical contact (which leads to perverted situations).
Mizuki, Tomokazu's classmate and later one love interest.
Neneko, Tomokazu's self proclaimed wife.

On Earth
Hmmm... what it makes me think of ....

The Faydoom remind me of the brigadoon monsters, although brigadoon's monsters are more complex. Also the fact that another world is trying to cross over onto the earth also reminds me of Brigadoon, although Brigadoon the two worlds are parallel and are in direct effect to each other. While Yumeria it's man's unwanted dreams.

A Harem of women, one man living with multiple females ... just... like ... Love Hina, Happy Lesson, Ah! My Goddess, Bravo Girls, etc ...

The way everyone is dressed in Moera reminds me of the Vandread outfits.

The whole "dream land" idea reminds me of After School Nightmare which the manga came out around the same time as the anime but after the video game. 

The ending ... it reminded me of Magikano and Clannad in some ways.

Did yah like it?

This anime lacked depth, the corners were cut everywhere in this anime, whether it was the characters, the plot, or the time management. The characters are bland, they all have attractions to the main character, which a perverted male. The plot is the unwanted dreams have transformed into faydoom who plot to cross over to the earth, Tomokazu and the assembled girls must defeat the faydoom to save us all. I don't know about you but, I'm pretty sure that people are still going forget memories and get rid of old thoughts. So isn't their quest kind of pointless? The fact the time wasn't managed wisely in  this anime is another turn off. I bet if they would have put more work in the actual plot line instead of the echii harem factor, it would have a wider fan base. What Yumeria tries to accomplish is try to cram an anime that should have been 26 episodes long into 13. I'm going to give this anime 2 stockings out of 5, it entertained me none the less.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Romeo X Juliet

"... effectively dramatic, sometimes beautiful, and occasionally even emotional."

Retail price: 35.99$
My purchase: 17.99$
DVD release date: 2007-07-27
Program run time: 600 minutes
Genres: Romance, Drama, Tragedy
Language watched in:                                                               English

Juliet the last survivor of the Capulet family falls madly in love with Romeo de Montague the son of the prince who murdered her entire family when she was but a child. Will she bring back her family name to power or forsake it all for the one she loves.

In this adapted version of William Shakespeare's  Romeo and Juliet, it is so very loosely based on the original story that although most would think that in its result would butcher the story, it actually made it all the more tragic. One of the major things that made this anime extremely enjoyable was the fact that I could name off which Shakespearian play the characters names derived from. When Lancelot died I clicked in to the fact that the name Lancelot came from the Merchant of Venice and not Romeo and Juliet. This is about the time I made of game of it, taking all the names that were mentioned and matching them to the play.

Although this story and the play have hardly anything in common it is just as much a tear jerker and a must have to anyone's collection. Have you ever done the "I'm going to cry face"? The one where you purse you lips in a way that contorts your face. Well my dear readers, I must have contorted my face in so many different shapes, especially on disc 4 during the last episode I let it out. To be specific 7 tears.

The fact that you experience this lovely tragedy by Juliet's side, instead of Romeo's makes it all the more appealing to me. Another thing I must point out is the fact that unlike the three day "Love, Marriage, Death" of the Shakespearian play, the anime has a longer timeline which to me makes it all the more desirable. Don't read into what I'm telling you too much, I love the original Romeo and Juliet story and am saying that Romeo  x Juliet is not better then the original. Considering all the differences between the two I say that the anime is in a league of it's own.

Originally I was going to rate Romeo x Juliet 4.5 stockings but I'm going to give it 5 stockings because it did it's job. They took a world wide known and put their personal twist to it, which brought hope and made me cheer on in hopes the outcome would differ.